Outreach Ministries Pledge Update

Outreach Ministries Pledge Update

You might remember one of the great successes of this year’s Annual Meeting was the congregation’s  response to a need for our Outreach Ministries. 

We were shy on money for a staff position to help with the outreach work; the budget only offered $4000. 

The Elder’s decided to ask for pledges towards a special offering to add to the budgeted amount. The congregation’s pledge response was immediate and generous.  At this point, here is where we are with the Outreach pledge campaign:

Total amount pledged                               $ 11,870
Amount received so far                            $ 7,600                  64%
Expected by June 1 (or when possible)  $ 4,270               36%

We are extraordinarily thankful for the generosity of our congregation, and look forward to receiving the remainder of pledges by June 1st!