Outreach Saturday Cupboard August Updates

Outreach Saturday Cupboard August Updates

Hey Old Firsters,

We are flying through the month of August, and a lot has been happening since I last wrote! So here it is:

The number of guests who come to the cupboard keep increasing since re-launch, which is so great. We had 19 last Saturday, so who knows how many we get this week. If we continue to grow at the current rate I anticipate 25-30. All of this would not be possible if it were not for our volunteers and food donors, so thank you so much. Your generosity and kindness does not go unnoticed.

Because of our rapid growth, we could really use some more help on Saturday mornings at the Cupboard. I have updated Signup Genius from 4 volunteer slots to 6. However, I completely understand with what’s going on right now if people are not comfortable with coming in. I realize that the folks who do come in are putting themselves at some level of risk, so no pressure to come in. However, we do have face shields in addition to disposable masks if that would ease anyone’s concerns. But no worries either way! There are always other ways to contribute. 

Speaking of that, we have been learning each week through trial and error how to provide the best quality of service to our guests, while at the same time protecting ourselves. We have a ton of dry goods, beverages, and hygiene products in the Saturday closet which have all been gone through, sorted, and labeled with the expiration date. However, there has been a lot of talk around what else we could do, and one thought is to provide fresh food (i.e. breakfast sandwiches) in addition to their bags which contain the dry goods (or fruit cup/apple sauce), socks, and hygiene products.

The thinking has been that people are more likely to come in if there was fresh food + coffee, rather than solely dry goods to go. I have been listening to all of the requests and have no problem with it. Although our normal breakfast teams are no longer coming in, I have been working on securing fresh food from individual donors / churches / organizations, who would prepare the food at home and then drop it off here Friday or early Saturday morning. We are set for this Saturday, 8/15 and the following on 8/22, but slots are still open for the last week of August (the 29th) and all of September. As of now, I estimate we would need about 30 sandwiches. I will have a better idea after seeing how many guests come in this Saturday. If you are interested in making fresh food from home or know someone who is, please send them my way! They can email me at   volunteer@oldfirstucc.org 

Thank you all for your continued support, and as always feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

For those coming on Saturday, I’ll see you there.


All the best,

Jess, Outreach Coordinator