Outreach SLG Proposal Information Session, Jan. 15 After Worship

To better position Old First to pursue expanded outreach to the urban poor, the Outreach SLG is proposing the creation of a separate Outreach 501(c)3 entity – Serving More: The Old First Foundation – to assist in coordinating and funding Old First’s outreach efforts.  The proposed resolution for consideration by the congregation at its Annual Meeting on January 29, 2017, reads as follows:

Whereas a separate non-profit Outreach entity will increase the number of grant opportunities to support outreach programming that can be pursued, and, whereas partnerships with other organizations for joint outreach efforts are more likely if the Old First Outreach entity is not itself a religious institution, and whereas the proposed Old First Foundation can be structured in such as a way as to explicitly give ultimate control of the Foundation’s governing board to Old First UCC, be it therefore resolved that the congregation of Old First UCC authorizes the Board of Elders to proceed, with appropriate legal counsel, with the formation of a separate Outreach 501(c)3 to be known as Serving More: The Old First Foundation.

For more information, join us on Sunday, Jan. 15 for an information session after worship and please check out this link:  https://oldfirstucc.org/2016/11/30/serving-more-the-old-first-foundation/

Stephen Wilhite, Outreach SLG Leader