Outreach Volunteer of the Week

Outreach Volunteer of the Week

Hello Old First!

Some announcements for you: 

  • We served 43 guests this past Saturday.. our highest number yet!
  • The social hall floors are complete! Be sure to check the outreach Facebook account or Instagram to see for yourselves 
  • I am always collecting clothes for the cupboard, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like to donate 
  • The shelter will be opening on November 4th instead of November 1st. Those who are interested in making dinners for the 27 men can sign up here at: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0c4ca4ab2eaafa7-shelter2 or contact me at volunteer@oldfirstucc.org and I can sign you up


Today’s Volunteer of the Week 

For those of you who don’t know Dawn, she has been a regular clothing volunteer for the cupboard since the start of the pandemic. She is here every Saturday and has some things to say about her experience thus far. Here are a couple of excerpts from our conversation:

  • “We have been able to offer folks underwear, t-shirt, slacks, long sleeve shirts, jackets as well as prayer requests, a hot breakfast, toiletries and hot coffee.  There is one particular man that wants to see every t-shirt. He has specific colors on his list, and he likes wording, but not too much wording, on his t-shirt. He has made me realize that when circumstances have you waiting outside for clothes and other essentials, many of life’s choices have already been taken away. It seems obvious that for him, “blue t-shirt with a little bit of writing”, gives him choices which have been previously lost and perhaps a glimmer of a life filled with more choices ahead.”
  • “When each guest leaves, they are offered a cup of hot coffee. The coffee is made at their request: black – 6 sugars – cream and sugar. Perhaps for some, it’s been a while since someone asked, “how do you like your coffee?” This simple gesture of making someone a cup of coffee often strikes me as a truly loving kindness – a ‘humanity in motion.'”
  • “I look for her each week. Hoping not to see her. Hoping to see her. Each week she looks more worn. My hope is that when it gets bad enough she will accept the helping hands extended to her. For now, a smile, a warm coat, breakfast and coffee is what she is willing to accept.”


A huge thank you to Dawn and all of our other volunteers who come in on Saturday morning to help our guests! Be sure to check out the next E-pistle for the next “Volunteer of the Week”!


All the best,

Jess Selingo

Outreach Coordinator