All Children Invited to Participate in Palm Sunday

All Children Invited to Participate in Palm Sunday

The opening of this week’s Palm Sunday worship service will include our children processing in, presenting the Palms.

ALL children are invited to participate– our Sunday Schoolers, those who aren’t that involved, visitors with us for the first time. If the teens would like to help out, by walking in with them, that would be a great help.

Simply make sure your child is in the Upper Narthex at about 10:50 am to be given Palms, directions and get lined-up. After they have processed in and placed their Palms on the altar, they will sit down up at the front of the Sanctuary (where they sit for the Time with the Children) as the Acolyte brings in the Christ candle and the congregation reads the Gathering Words.

They will stay forward for the blessing of the palms. Then they will return to their families and their places in the pews. At the end of the service, they will come forward again, to pass out the Palms to the whole congregation.

It’s not a bad Sunday to invite friends and their children to join us in church!