Parcel Project Updates

Parcel Project Updates


Old First / Community Ventures presented to the Architectural Subcommittee of the Historic Commission on May 28, 2019.  The Architectural Subcommittee had reservations about the proposed finishes to the building, but the Subcommittee agreed conceptually to the movement of the Fox building, including the demolition of the rear “ell” and the general massing of the new building.  With that Subcommittee’s recommendation, we will be seeking conceptual approval from the full Historic Commission at its meeting on Friday, June 14, 2019.

Of note is that at the Subcommittee meeting, the owner of the building directly south of our property attended with questions about the moved block of the Fox building and how it will relate to the southern building.

The zoning is moving forward too, as Councilman Squilla has presented legislation that would bring the zoning for Old First’s property up to CMX-3 like the rest of Old City. With only one exemption possibly for parking, we should be able to fit the building we are proposing under that zoning code.

The legislation first had to be reviewed by the Planning Commission, and they approved it and passed it on. The next step will be the Rules Committee of City Council on June 12. These are the steps to get the legislation passed by City Council before its summer recess. Having zoning in place will strengthen our first round of funding proposals, which we expect to be submitted in September.

Michael, the guys from Community Ventures, and Sandra from DePaul USA made a presentation on June 6 to the annual meeting of the Condo. Association of Old City Place Condominiums, directly across Race Street from the church, on the corner. We hear from the Board President that people were appreciative about the presentation but have more questions. We are trying to be transparent and answer all inquiries.

Finally, the design work on the exterior of the building is continuing, with some new input from the Historical Commission. As we get further, the JVMT will be sure to share plans with the congregation.

If you have any questions, please ask us.