Parking for the Installation on Sunday, June 23 @ 3 pm

As we expect guests at the Installation, we want to save them the “relaxed parking” spots along 4th & Race Streets (Click here for details if you are a visitor.). {Be careful not to park directly in front of the Sushi Restaurant on Race Street or in “No stopping/loading zone” areas, and you will need to display an Old First parking placard (download here) on your dashboard}.

To make adequate, convenient street parking space for our guests, we are asking all of our regular members and friends to park down at the Arch Street Friends Meeting lot. Simply continue to drive past Old First, further down 4th Street, cross Arch and pull into the first driveway on the left between Arch and Market Streets (it’s directly across from the parking garage at the Wyndham. Find a parking place and put your Old First parking placard on your dashboard.)

If any guests wish to, they may also park in the Meeting House’s parking lot, but will need to download the parking placard and place it on their dashboard too.

We encourage people, of course, to use public transportation whenever possible. It lessens our parking crunch and is easier on the environment.