Peace Builders

Peace Builders

Dear Friends,

The following members of Old First Reformed Church are engaged in on-going training in the mediation/discussion facilitation process. In addition to meeting monthly and expanding our skills in mediation, we are also undergoing exploration of the Peace Circle practice. As we explore this practice, we help each other by the simple act of listening, maintaining confidentiality and deepening our faith.

Julius De Angelus
Alice Reyes
Stephen Wilhite
Jackie Williams

We are available to anyone in our church that is seeking assistance with a conflictual situation. Your concern does not have to necessarily involve Old First. If you need a listening ear, a supportive shoulder, or if you want more information about our work, please feel free to contact us.

If you would like to contact any of us, you may use our personal e-mail from the church directory. But please also feel free to use this e-mail address that has been created for the four of us:

You will find a copy of the Old First policy that governs our work below.


Alice Reyes on behalf of the Confliction Resolution Ministry Team


Old First Conflict Resolution Policy

In the event that conflicts arise, the following processes and procedures are provided as a framework for encouraging adherence to this policy:

* Individual members experiencing conflict with another member of Old First Reformed Church should seek first to resolve this conflict through prayer and open dialogue with each other. In so doing we should strive to emulate Jesus’ teaching (Matthew 18: 15-17)

* In the event that members need assistance in the resolution of any conflict, the following steps are suggested to assist in this endeavor:

* Individuals are asked to seek help and advice from a member who has been trained to help in these matters (the names of such individuals will be made available on the web site and through the church office).

* At the discretion of the mediator, the individuals may be asked to meet and participate in mediation.

* If further mediation is required, the Pastor or other clergy in the church will be invited to help in the conflict resolution. The Pastor or other clergy will decide what further steps, if any, may be helpful in resolving the conflict.

During conflict resolution or any form of conflict mediation, all parties involved will be expected to refrain from discussing the conflict with others not directly involved in the process.