Penn SE Conf. Spring Meeting: 06.06, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Penn SE Conf. Spring Meeting: 06.06, 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The theme of our Conference’s Spring Meeting is: Diverse and Divine. And in a nice incarnation of that, the Conference is meeting in the City of Philadelphia for the first time since 1974!!! (I was a 13 year old that year…)

The meeting will be held at Harold O. Davis Memorial Church at 4500 North 10th Street (at Roosevelt Blvd.).

Our usual attendees will most likely all be going: Beth W., Gerry W., Haeman H.-S., Jackie W., and Michael C. But they’d always welcome being joined by others from Old First.

Why go to a Conference Meeting? (Or for that matter an Association Meeting? Or the upcoming biennial General Synod?) Because the United Church of Christ is much bigger than Old First! And because when you get out into the wider church, you both begin to learn from the differences and begin to recognize the similarities.

Not only will you meet Christians from other UCC churches and getting to know about other congregations (and how they do somethings really well that we’re still trying to figure out!), but you also learn about other settings of the church — places where ministry is done in our name and with our support, moral, financial, prayerful.

But the most compelling reason, your pastor thinks, for participating in the wider church, is that after you’ve begun to recognize the UCC similarities of spirit and style, and after you’ve had you eyes opened by the differences… you come back to your home church and your own faith wiser and deeper and ready to grow some more. And that has an effect not only on you, but on everyone else too.

If you wish to join others and attend the Spring Meeting of the Penn SE Conference, you can register right here. Or tell me and I’ll make sure that we get you registered and a ride too…

— Michael