People, Not Mascots

People, Not Mascots

Have you ever thought of the effects of negative stereotyping on Native Americans?  What it feels like to hear the demeaning term, “Redskins” used week after week, along with the use of an unflattering cartoon figure to depict you, your family and friends?  What if the tables were turned and the team name was “Whiteskins?”

In July 1991, the UCC General Synod 18 passed a resolution entitled, “Negative Stereotyping of Native Americans,” which called on members of the UCC to:

Dialogue with one another and with Native American peoples about the effects of negative stereotyping.

Write to the teams and schools that use Native American imagery for team mascots and/or logos,

Organize a boycott, or personally boycott, professional and collegiate games in those leagues which refuse to engage dialogue, and which refuse to commit to a process of movement toward the use of positive images.

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