Photo Albums Get Added to the Website

Under “News and Events,” Old First’s website now offers photo albums. Albums currently on-line include Worship, Wellspring and Youth Mission Trip, but more are to be added.)

If a picture is worth a thousand words, think how much whole albums can say to people trying to learn about Old First or looking for a church home. And for those of us already a part of this faith community, what a delight to have these albums to remind us of our church home, and reflect so many precious people and memories.

Last week’s “website innovation” was adding the church’s calendar– so participants in our community and folks from afar can see all that happens at our church, what Old First offers.

Our “introductory” welcome on the website’s homepage (which we’ve almost outgrown!) says:

A congregation evolving intentionally to serve more people.
A work in progress — neither perfect, nor finished.
Like our Web site, we’re under construction.
But we are already making a difference in the world.
So why wait? Join us as soon as you can…

Amen. And, as with so much of the work on this website, thanks to Suzanne Cole who quietly and tirelessly keeps working and moving us ahead.

But, folks, anyone can participate and help out! If you have news about the abundant life going on around Old First, please forward it to the church office, Michael or Suzanne. The website is improving how (and how quickly) we can communicate as a church, especially when we are apart…

Oh, and evocative photos– worth at least a thousand words– are always welcome too.