Pick Up Your Advent-Christmas Box , Nov. 9-13

Pick Up Your Advent-Christmas Box , Nov. 9-13

The church office has been hard at work preparing your Advent-Christmas boxes! It will include the Advent candle holders you all have lovingly decorated, Advent candles, some sweet treats, the Christmas letter, and many other goodies! In an effort to keep costs of shipping down, we are encouraging folks to come by the church to pick up their box!

During the week of November 9 – 13 (for designated hours), church members are encouraged to come by the church to pick up their Advent box. Hours to come by are Monday – Friday, between 10am – 3pm. On Tuesday and Thursday (Nov. 10 & 12), evening hours will also be available from 5pm – 8pm. If you cannot come by during any of these times, please CALL THE OFFICE to schedule a time that works for you and the church staff. 

In addition to picking up your own Advent-Christmas box, we hope you will coordinate with your neighbors to pick up boxes for families that aren’t necessarily able to come by and get their own box. Just make sure you remember who you are picking boxes up for, so staff can mark them off the list as we go along!

Also note that Old First is still committed to being as safe as possible. Only 1 church member and a staff person will go in to the church to get the boxes at a time. If more than one church member happens to arrive at the same time, they may need to wait a few minutes for their turn. Additionally, we really do not want folks congregating on church property, so once you have your box, we’ll ask that you not stay too much after that.

After November 13, the church will ship all the remaining Advent boxes to their respective families in the mail.

If you have any additional questions or comments, please feel free to contact Michael or Devan!