Pilgrimage for Education Funding, Monday, June 21 @ 12 noon

Pilgrimage for Education Funding, Monday, June 21 @ 12 noon

POWER’s Education Campaign has celebrated success some of us never expected to see. We have been organizing for a full, fair funding formula for years, at least since 2012 — a way that the state’s education dollars might be not only adequately, but distributed fairly, by need rather than political influence. 

In 2016, POWER won a first battle in this campaign — a Fair Funding Formula. But only a small portion of the state’s education support, currently 11%, has been distributed via the Fair Funding Formula since 2016. 

Earlier this year, Governor Wolfe proposed a remedy to the problems with state education funding. The governor wants to run all $6.4 billion of the state education funding through the Fair Funding Formula. The governor also proposed $1.15 billion in additional funding to assure that no school district will loose state education funding as his change takes effect. The governor also proposed a higher state rate to pay for it. The governor’s office explains that with added exemptions, that tax hike will affect the wealthiest, not average folk, but raise enough added income to effect FULL and FAIR funding for all our schools. 

Join us on June 21 to put some pressure on the legislature to support the governor’s proposal. There will be local actions across the state to say to the legislature that we want full and fair funding of our schools, our teachers, our children. The Philly action will begin at a Samuel Gomplers School in the city (near City Line Avenue) and include a pilgrimage to Merion Elementary School (across the border in the suburbs and in one of the highest funded districts in the state). We just mean to focus attention on the disparities — children get educational quality based on where they live? Let’s change that.

We took 25 people to Harrisburg for the last big POWER Education action. This time, we don’t have to leave the city. Well, we are going to walk into Merion, about 2 miles. Let Michael know if you will join us on the 21st at noon…