Planning Ahead and Planning Well, Sun., Sept. 11 after 11 o’clock Worship Service

Planning Ahead and Planning Well, Sun., Sept. 11 after 11 o’clock Worship Service

You are invited to plan ahead by putting this program on your calendar now! Plan also to bring a brown bag lunch to enjoy during the session.

Only God knows the number of our days upon this earth, so we may, or we may not know when we are in the final season of life.

People normally plan ahead before they bring a new born child home from the hospital. Most of us would do some research and planning before setting off on a journey to somewhere we have never been before.  Discussing our plans with family and friends often raises both questions and opportunities that we had not thought of ourselves. We are offering you the opportunity to plan for something that all of us will experience, the final season of our mortal lives.

If you have observed others in their final season of life, you may have recognized that there are a lot of decisions to be made. What do we mean by quality of life, and how can we maximize that? What are our choices if we can no longer take care of ourselves? Do we want aggressive treatment or comfort care, or some combination if there is a life threatening illness? How would we like our worldly possessions distributed, when we are no longer here to enjoy them?

We will discuss these areas of planning and many more. You will hear about Advance Directives and a Medical Power of Attorney. Sample forms will be available. There will be enough alternatives and opportunities for each one of us to creatively plan for approaching the end of life.

Join members of your church family for a lively and informative program in the Social

Hall, after worship, September 11, the Sunday after Labor Day Weekend.