Planning for Outdoor Summer Worship Service

Planning for Outdoor Summer Worship Service

As we plan for returning to in-person worship, we want to share what we’ve put together so far. Those who decide to attend in-person worship should plan to be masked and socially distanced. We will have room for 40 worshippers. To continue to follow covid safety precautions, and to avoid people coming church and there be no space left, we are going to use a simple online sign up sheet for each Sunday. This is not to police who attends church, but merely to make the process a bit more manageable and to ensure that everyone who wants to attend has a chance to. 

As a reminder, there will be no fellowship hour after worship. We are asking that everyone leave directly after worship and not congregate. However, people are always free to meet up outside for lunch or coffee or whatever, elsewhere. 

Because we don’t know how many people want to attend, we are asking that if you go to sign up and all 40 spots are taken, please still put your name on the “waitlist.” That allows us to know how many people are interested in coming to in-person worship, and we can think about accommodations. 

Each Sunday’s sign up will be available the Monday beforehand. For example, the sign up for Sunday, July 4, will be online and available on Monday, June 28. 

If you have questions, please reach out to the office or Michael.  215-922-4566  or