Planning for the 2015-16 YASC Community

Planning for the 2015-16 YASC Community

It seems like we are just starting to settle in with Tim K. and the 2014-2015 commitments for YASC, but it is time to start planning for the next year. Applications will start arriving in January, and the UCC’s national office is already advertising this unique ministry and we are currently recruiting agencies to be placement sites.

There will be a meeting at 6pm on December 3rd to discuss the future of the Old First Young Adult Service Community. Some of the topics will include:

~ the applicants and hiring process,
~ agency and community partners,
~ issues that have surfaced in the two years we have been doing this, and
the possibility of changing our community model.

Everyone is invited to come share their thoughts, offer support, and help the ministry team plan for the coming year.

Date + time: Dec 3rd 6pm at Old First

Who’s invited: YOU

Billi C., YASC Ministry Team