Farm Gets Growing; Flowers Too

Farm Gets Growing; Flowers Too

If you could not stay and help in the yard after church on April 3, you did not miss your only chance. We will be working on our gardens again on Sunday, April 10 and 17. We want to make real progress before Easter!

But April 3 saw a group of Old Firsters, joined by people from the neighborhood, spend almost 5 hours working in the church yard. And getting a lot accomplished.

We tidied up the yard and the Memory Garden flowerbed, and planted the first few weeks of Altar Plant Donations. The front of the church now has an early shot of Spring color.

And the garden boxes are all done, as the tomato bed was completed and finished behind the shed. Also two composting bins were created back there. We can not decrease the amount of trash we produce by recycling to create rich compost for our gardens. Thanks go out to Jo Fine who donated a wonderful composting bin. And to Alan During who showed us how to make another bin, and has become our Master of Composting.

Almost all the dirt is filling the raised beds now. The little bit left will be used to fill pots for growing basil and other herbs.

And we got the first seedlings planted (in time for some wonderful spring showers this past few days): swiss chard, collards, kale, scallions and onions.

We are going to do some more gardening for the next two Sundays after church– to get seeds planted ASAP.

There may be more work out front in the flower beds too.

Also on the near horizon is getting the automatic drip sprinkling system built to give all our vegetables just the amount of water they need.

So plan to stay after church and help out. We often run and get a sandwich (if we haven’t grazed enough at Fellowship Hour) and get to work by about 1 pm.