PLEASE Come to the (Last) Pastoral Discernment Conversation, this Sunday, Oct. 21 after worship

PLEASE Come to the (Last) Pastoral Discernment Conversation, this Sunday, Oct. 21 after worship

October 18, 2012

To the church community –

When I was asked to lead the discernment team this Fall, I was honored and humbled. To be a caretaker of such a task was not taken lightly. I pulled my thoughts together and put a team together that represented a cross section of our church community. I thank them for their service and insight to this process and making themselves available to you.

I need to hear from you now. As a church community, the question is “Does Old First Reformed United Church of Christ want to call Reverend Michael W. Caine to be their Pastor?” Well, do we? Let’s talk.

Perhaps you have thought about coming to a meeting but either didn’t want to speak out for or against Michael in public or perhaps your silence was to be inferred by me as a vote of confidence to ask Pastor Michael to be our own established pastor.

This Sunday, October 21 from 12:15P to 1:15P will be our last open community discussion about the last three years with Michael, his vision moving forward, and our commitment to the church and the community. I have actually heard from perhaps 30 people, including my discernment team. There are many more of you in the church family and I want to hear from you all.

If you want to email or call myself or one of the committee members, our contact information is below. It can be a simple “Yes,” “Yes, but…,” or “No because….” and all responses can be elaborated upon if needed as well. If you can attend the meeting, we welcome you to express your thoughts and feelings in an open environment with us.

Susan Hutton DeAngelus, chair
Leah Lim Bhullar
Rebecca Composto
Beth Davis
Nancy Donohue
Adam George
Kristen Miller
Margaret Rohdy
Dan Rothermel
Mike Wass