Please Give Your Time for Jobs, Schools and Immigration Reform that Work!

Please Give Your Time for Jobs, Schools and Immigration Reform that Work!

The POWER Assembly is this Sunday afternoon.

Even if you have a job. Or don’t have kids in school. Or don’t know anyone who is undocumented. Even if you don’t live in Philadelphia proper. It’s an important day for the city and its surrounding suburbs. Because we are more interconnected than not. And the health of the whole region is largely dependent on how Philadelphia is doing.

We hope you will offer an hour and a half of your afternoon as a part of the practice of your faith — that working together with other religious communities, we might push for jobs open to our unemployed, schools that teach, and pathways to citizenship for people who are often doing underpaid, almost invisible work around us.

This Sunday is important for Old First and Philadelphia.

POWER is trying to make sure the mayor and city council agree to making jobs more accessible to Philadelphians for neighborhoods with low income.

We’re pressing the schools superintendent to make REAL room at the table for parents to participate in improving local schools and the district.

We’re warning our D.C. delegations that people of faith want a immigration reform… a “pathway to citizenship” for our undocumented neighbors.

We hope you will join us, and invite a friend or two. We are leaving Old First at 1:30 by bus. There will be a potluck beforehand. Friends and family are welcome: every BODY counts in an action like this.

Can your church ask you to make a commitment? Give the support of your presence to jobs and schools and citizenship…