Please Mark Your Schedule We NEED You For the Community Meeting (about our Building Project):

Please Mark Your Schedule We NEED You For the Community Meeting (about our Building Project):

We have gotten far enough along with the pans for redevelopment along 4th Street that we are now beginning to apply for funding (a year earlier than we expected).

We have already put in the requisite notice that we will be applying for the tax credits; the full application is due in early November. That application will be for upwards of $11 million in cash credits that are then “sold” to an investor to provide the lionshare of the funding for the new building. We will not hear until late spring about whether that application is successful. (Please remember, these funds are very competitive, and most applicants are not successful on their first try; the process often takes two or three applications.)

We will also be submitting our application to the city in response to its affordable housing request for proposals. That application will be for $2.5 million. One of the prerequisites for the application to the city is to have a community meeting about the project. Ours is now set for Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 6:30.

As is the expectation for  such meetings (for example, in the process of community input for the appeal of a code variance denial), we have sent out via US mail invitations to 180 of the immediate neighbors.

Michael had previously personally written all our the neighbors in homes right along our property lines  and on Cherry Street (19 neighbors), so they would know of our plans from us (rather than word of mouth in the neighborhood that might make us sound like we are trying to sneak something by people!). The people Michael has run into since then have indicated to him that they are in  support of our project.

In the next few days, we  will also be reaching out to invite the congregations and other neighbors and stakeholders who have supported us — we want to invite them to be present at the Community Meeting.

But, folks, we are speaking of a $2.5 million grant. We need your help.

We want a meeting where there is broad-based support in the room. We want voices that can speak about Old First’s commitment to ministries with the homeless and urban poor. We want you to talk about how we are passionate about making sure our new neighbors are successful in their new homes and how they become integrated into and part of our Old City neighborhood.

Mark your calendar: we need you at church at 6:30 pm on  the Thursday, Oct. 3 (choir is graciously delaying their rehearsal that night). The meeting is planned to be in the Sanctuary for an hour (and keep your fingers crossed, if all the voices are in support, we will make it that short!)

If you have any questions, please ask someone from the JVMT (Megan, Bob R., Kathy, Beth, Jackie) or Michael.