Poll Workers Needed in Philadelphia!!

Poll Workers Needed in Philadelphia!!

The Power the Polls campaign has asked us to share the following information and encourage those who are able to become poll workers for the November 3 election!

Protect the Vote! Be a Poll Worker on November 3.

You might have heard that in the June primary, there was a staggering decrease in poll workers in Philadelphia, and 77% of polling locations closed. That’s because most veteran poll workers are older folks and can’t work. Fewer polling locations hurt the ability of many residents to vote.

The City still needs to recruit thousands of poll workers for the November election. Since many people don’t know that they can get paid to be a poll worker (the pay was increased to $250), we’re hoping you can help spread the word!

1) If you can, please sign up and encourage your friends to sign up too. The process to become a poll worker can be a bit complicated, and the City’s response may not come quickly, but don’t worry: the Power the Polls team will help you along the way. https://www.powerthepolls.org/?source=CFG

By the way, we know there have been some confusing reports on whether this need has already been met.  So you know – we’ve checked and applicants *are* still needed;  the City doesn’t yet know which past workers are returning or how many new applications will be valid.  (There may also be other valuable roles that any extra applicants can fill.)  It may take a while to hear back, given the huge task – so don’t be concerned. 

2) Would you please share this link in emails to your friends and on your social media channels: https://www.powerthepolls.org/?source=CFG

While poll workers are still needed almost everywhere, help is especially needed in these areas of Philadelphia.  Can you help spread the word there?

Near Northeast Philadelphia: Oxford Circle, Tacony

Far Northeast Philadelphia: Pennypack, Academy Gardens, Ashton-Woodenbridge, Krewstown, Winchester Park