POSTLUDE : To sit or not to sit, that is the question….

POSTLUDE : To sit or not to sit, that is the question….

After much thought and prayer over this, I want to share my belief… that the purpose of the Postlude here at Old First is to send everyone in the congregation forth into the next part of their Christian journey, whether it be back out into the world, to home or another commitment, or to fellowship to the social hall. This is why I consider the Postlude “traveling music.”

However, there are times when the Postlude is more meditative and introverted. On those occasions I welcome those who would like to stay seated and reflect or meditate on the liturgy and sermon of the day’s service to do just that. Then those who wish to move onward can do so with consideration to those who have chosen to stay for personal reflection.

As much as I appreciate the gratitude expressed by applause, I would much rather people take that gratitude for the music, which is for the Glory of God, and transfer that energy into going forth and spreading the love and gratitude to the fellowship of each other or however one might be inspired to share that motivation.


Louis Menendez, Director of Music