Potluck Luncheon after Worship this Sun., 11.16

This Sunday (11.16) is Celebration Sunday — when we celebrate the commitment to our church shown by all of you who have pledged to Extending Our Welcome, Strengthening Our Service: The Campaign for Old First! Thank you to everyone who has pledged, and to all the volunteers who made it happen.

The service will be sort of fun  — as we slowly remove puzzle pieces to reveal the total commitments made to the campaign.

After worship we’ll share a potluck luncheon and there will be a very brief presentation by the architectural firm selected for the building projects. A committee, under the leadership of Pastor Emerita Rev. Geneva Butz, has spent several months selecting a firm and recently completed its work. Representatives from the firm selected by the committee will sketch their vision for working with us as we get down to brass tacks on the building work that needs to be done.

The commitment period for the campaign is behind us (though of course we’ll accept gift and pledges any time during the three-years period, 2015-17). Now it’s time to get on with some of the work.

So please prepare a dish to share. In our experience, people can bring what they wish, and somehow, by God’s grace, it always works out.

See you in church,

Mike W., Capital Campaign Committee Chair