POWER Interfaith Freedom Express Manifesto

POWER Interfaith Freedom Express Manifesto

Freedom Express: Healing Our Faith in Democracy

You can’t be a Christian and be a white nationalist.
Having faith — any faith — is always about inclusion and abundance.
The extreme right wing out here in PA has toxified faith, hijacked Christianity, and tried to make you believe that God’s love is scarce — for the few, for the white, for the fragile.
We know that just isn’t so, and we know that you do, too.

There is a different way to be a person of faith
— without trampling on anyone else, and our existence is proof of that.
We’re POWER Interfaith.
We’re people of all faiths. We’re people of all races.
We are Christians. We are Jews. We are Muslims. We are people of faith and moral conscience.
We’re made up of over 150 congregations in Southeastern and Central Pennsylvania, all dedicated to the work of bringing about justice here and now.
That’s why between now and Election Day, we’re powering up the #FreedomExpress
to join in with folks all over the state to teach, share, and empower folks to raise their voices.
We need to claim this moment and get out that vote.

“Freedom” means freedom for everybody.
Freedom shouldn’t endanger democracy, and it certainly shouldn’t endanger people
of any faith.
Do you see everyone as a child of God? Or only some people.
It’s that simple.

You are invited to join this movement.
Everyone is welcome at this table.
This is the #FreedomExpress, and we’re going all over the state to empower folks
to join us in healing this democracy.
We believe in dignity for everyone. Full stop.
All aboard.