POWER Is Taking It to the Streets (and City Hall)

POWER Is Taking It to the Streets (and City Hall)

POWER has taken a turn towards the street, the participative and active and City Hall.

Some Old Firsters who attended the 04.21 convention were concerned. Our gathering didn’t feel like it was involving the people present. Or that their presence and participation was making a difference.

And our leaders were frustrated that the Mayor and so many Council members did not see a need to come before 3400 of their constituents. And that we were not calling them to accountability. Neither were we as far along with our jobs proposal as we had thought.

So, if they don’t feel the need to come to the people, the people will start heating things up by showing up where we can find them!

Yes, there are now a series of actions planned. And you are invited, encouraged to be involved. It takes just a bit of time, but your presence will make a difference. And it’s empowering to see the reactions that a focused group in concerted effort can elicit.

Yesterday, there was a prayer vigil in the hallway outside the Council’s Chambers. As the council members and staff were getting ready for their Thursday morning hearing and session, they couldn’t miss a group from POWER praying that they commit to our jobs proposal as a real means of lessening poverty in this city.

It turns out the lease agreements for the airport — with the airlines as well as concessions — will be coming up earlier than we expected, perhaps before the end of the month.

So POWER is going to stage another action at City Hall next Thursday morning. (Gather at Arch Street UMC at 8:30 for a 9 trip to City Hall.)

And the week after that, on Thursday again, there will either be another action at City Hall in the morning, or perhaps in the afternoon out in front of the Hilton, depending on when the vote is scheduled to happen. Stay tuned for more info.

If you’ve wanted to see how community organizing works, come along and see how a growing group of citizens “in the face” of their representatives can get a reaction, even cause a crisis.

The CEO of U.S. Airways, Doug Parker, earns $5.5 million dollars a year. The airport staff that push people in wheelchairs to and from their planes are earning $7.50 an hour.

And Mayor Nutter has said that the “living wage” language in POWER’s jobs agreement is “a non-starter.” Who’s he working for Doug Parker, or the working people of his city?

Join us…