POWER – Local Organizing Committee (LOC) Meeting, Tomorrow, Fri., 09.14 @ 6 p.m.

POWER – Local Organizing Committee (LOC) Meeting, Tomorrow, Fri., 09.14 @ 6 p.m.

On September 14 at 6 pm the POWER LOC – that is, the Old First POWER folks – will be meeting to: 1) for updates on POWER’s work; 2) to organize Old First’s involvement in POWER, and 3) to discuss and isolate the areas of interest within Old First as they relate to POWER and the community and 4)) begin planning how to address these issues. The hope is that we leave the meeting with a short list of viable projects that we would like to work on/address at Old First. Those projects can either be within our church walls or beyond.

All Old First congregants are welcome to attend this meeting. The folks at Old First that have been involved with POWER would like to extend this invitation to those who may have wondered how I can get involved and be a part of the process and also for those who are just interested in what is happening with POWER both at Old First and within the City of Philadelphia.

Better yet, it will be a dinner meeting! Beth Walker is hosting at the Society Hill Towers for grilling around the pool. We would only ask that if you plan on attending that you notify either Beth, Stirling Schwiebert, or Mike Wass. The grilling items will be provided. We ask that you bring a covered dish of some sort….and of course you can bring wine if you would like.

We look forward to seeing you at the grill for a POWERFUL meeting!

Respectfully submitted,

Mike Wass