POWER Looks to 5000 People's Support for April 21 Meeting

POWER Looks to 5000 People's Support for April 21 Meeting

What is happening with POWER (Philadelphians Organized to Witness, Empower and Rebuild)?

There are two things that I’d like to share.

First, there is a major action meeting on April 21st at 3 pm where Mayor Nutter, School Superintendent Dr. Hite, and Council people will be in attendance and will be asked to support POWER’s action items in two of its main areas of work:

~ the job proposal focused on the airport expansion and beyond.

~ the emerging educational values which will steer POWER’s organizing when it comes to the crisis facing our city’s schools. Those values are:
1) All students deserve equitable access to good education,
2) All children must be ready to learn (which happen through comprehensive services to support families),
3) Parent empowerment and engagement is a crucial piece of successful schools, and 4) Neighborhood schools are a community resource.

Secondly, we want YOU and need YOU at Old First to be part of the historic 4/21 City-Wide Public Action for Jobs and Opportunity meeting. The action meeting will be an assembly of over 5,000 people who care about Philadelphia and believe that together we can build a city of opportunity that works for all. We want you to be part of this meeting, so please mark your calendars! We need your presence: our elected officials need to know that their constituency is watching and holding them accountable for major improvements in this city.

The LOC (Local Organizing Committee) of POWER for Old First will meet with Michael at 10 am on Sunday, February 17 on the first floor of the Fox Building to begin strategizing on attendance for the 4/21 meeting. Not a part of the LOC, not a problem, you are welcome to join us and begin planning as Old First delivers 200 people to the 4/21 action.

POWER began community organizing in Philadelphia with an emphasis on Jobs – specifically jobs with the airport expansion. That scope has broadened to include jobs, education, immigration, and gun violence. Therefore, there is much happening within POWER and likely there is an area that you would like to be part of as we focus on building a city of opportunity that works for all. To become more involved, go to POWER’s website at powerphiladelphia.org or contact Michael, Stirling Schwiebert, or Mike Wass.