POWER Pilgrimage for Education Funding, Mon., June 21 @ 12pm

POWER Pilgrimage for Education Funding, Mon., June 21 @ 12pm


Join us for a statewide, multi-site action in support of the proposed budget that includes 100% Fair Funding for PA schools! In-person actions will be taking place in Philadelphia, Allentown, Pottstown, and Lancaster. Part of the action also will be live-streamed for remote participation.

Philadelphia’s pilgrimage will take place on Monday, June 21, 2021 at 12:00 p.m. We will gather and start our walk at Samuel Gompers School (5701 Wynnefield Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19131) and journey to Merion Elementary School (549 S Bowman Ave, Merion Station, PA 19066).

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Today, Pennsylvania’s public schools with predominantly Black and Brown student populations are still largely separate and unequal 66 years after the Supreme Court ruled in Brown vs. the Board of Education. Why?

The amount of money Pennsylvania sends to its public schools is inadequate:

Pennsylvania supplies a lower percentage (35%) of public-school funding than almost any other state, leaving local school districts to pick up the slack. This underfunding at the state level leads to huge disparities in funding between Philadelphia and its wealthier suburbs.

The money isn’t distributed fairly between districts:

For decades, Pennsylvania has routinely deprived schools with higher Black and Brown enrollment of their fair share of state funding. Instead of following the guidance of its own fair funding formula, the state continues to distribute 89% of basic education funding in a way that systematically shortchanges districts educating the most students of color.

In Philadelphia, our district is shortchanged $2,000 per year per student. In other parts of the state, the loss is even greater!

On June 21 – join us to say NO MORE!

  • NO MORE crumbling toxic buildings!
  • NO MORE large classes!
  • NO MORE closed school libraries!
  • NO MORE counselors with overwhelming caseloads!
  • NO MORE inadequate technology to prepare for 21st century jobs!

The proposed budget for next year makes a bold step toward fair funding, proposing that each school district next year receives its fair share of this year’s total state funding, and that additional funds ensure that no district receives lower funding than this year. POWER supports this important move in the direction of fair funding for next year, and will continue to work for 100% fair and adequate funding for all public schools.

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