POWER Mayoral Primaries Training, Feb 27 & 28

POWER Mayoral Primaries Training, Feb 27 & 28

POWER is inviting us to help make the mayoral race’s emerging focus on public safety to be about something bigger / more hopeful than “more cops on the streets.”  There are 2 identical trainings coming up: on Feb. 27 and 28. The first on zoom and the second at Rodeph Shalom on North Broad.

The trainings will cover the importance of the mayor’s role and the mayor’s relationship with City Council. The meetings will also begin the process of organizing accountability-focused candidates forums – not so much a platform for their stump speeches, but real, pointed questions on where they stand on the issues and values that we share at POWER for making this a city that works for all…

Monday, Feb 27 from 6-9pm on Zoom (English, Spanish, and Indonesian):



Tuesday, Feb 28 from 6-9pm at Rodeph Shalom – 615 N Broad Street (English only):



Wilson Goode, Jr., former policy director of the Philadelphia City Council and a city councilman for 28 years, will be leading the training with a staff person from The Committee of 70. This will be an excellent training, and a great way to welcome new folks into POWER’s campaign work.

Anyone interested is encouraged to attend the political education training POWER will be offering at the end of the month.

Please register for one of the trainings and ask your friends to do the same. Invite as many people as you can!