POWER Voter Engagment

POWER Voter Engagment

On Tues., Feb. 11, P.O.W.E.R. held its Voter Engagement Launch, kicking off a series of activities that will help all member congregations, including Old First, connect with voters leading up to the election on May 20. The meeting focused on envisioning goals, outlining the timeline until May, and then actually practicing giving friends and family a call to talk about POWER’s goals. Each congregation also set and shared their goals for how many votes they will seek to move. Old First’s goal is to move 200 infrequent voters to vote!

Old First had four members present, all excited to lead our church in the voter engagement project this winter/spring and share our plans with the rest of the congregation in the coming weeks. We hope many of you will jump in and get involved! Until then, here’s a quick overview of what will be happening and a couple dates for your calendar!

POWER’s Two Goals for the Spring:

  1. Pass the 21st Century Minimum Wage Ballot Measure
  2. Demonstrate to candidates that there is a mandate to pass a full, fair funding formula for education funding

POWER’s Strategies for Achieving Those Goals:

  1. Inform, engage, and move members (and their social networks) of our congregations to the pools around our “Voting for a City of Opportunity” agenda
  2. Move 5,000 infrequent voters to vote
  3. Work in Coalition so that our campaigns are amplified and capacity enhanced
  4. Take actions that mobilize people and generate media

Voter Engagement Project Timeline:

  • February 12-March 5: Training of congregational leaders to lead canvases, phone banks, and properly record data.
  • March: Congregations hold a “Voting for Opportunity” Sabbath and begin reaching out in their communities to meet their goal numbers.
  • April 26: Mass Canvass & Rally (time and location TBD)
  • May 17-20: Get Out the Vote Blitz– reaching out for final contacts
  • May 20: Election Day!

– Hannah C