POWER’S Faith and Safety Mayoral Forum, Sunday, Apr 16, 3-6pm

POWER’S Faith and Safety Mayoral Forum, Sunday, Apr 16, 3-6pm

Do YOUR PART by participating as a citizen at the Faith and Safety Mayoral Candidate Forum on Sunday, April 16 from 3 to 6 pm. 

Public safety is the electorate’s overriding concern, the central issue in this mayoral race. But this election HAS TO BE about more than more cops on our streets! 

What will it really take to make this city safer for everyone? Schools that work, jobs that pay, affordable housing, police oversight, accessible healthcare… 

POWER also wants to change the way candidates run for office in Philly. To show the next mayor (and everyone else) that politicians work for / are accountable to the people.

Instead of gathering an audience for the candidates’ stump speeches, we’re going to involve citizens from across the city, the largest candidate forum in this election cycle. 

We have drawn up 14 pointed policy “asks” about gun violence, schools, clean air, good jobs, housing, questions from the neighborhoods POWER is organizing, and based on the justice work POWER is doing. 

Each candidate will spend about an hour before a group of citizens who will be scoring them on their responses and their commitments. This is your part in the Forum and your contribution to the Voters Guide the Faith and Safety Forum will produce. 

After we are finished with the candidates, everyone will gather for a report back. You will  hear about the other candidates and from each other. Your scoring will turn into the Faith and Safety Forum Voters Guide with details on all the candidates. 

Church leaders will be getting in touch with people to encourage them to participate.