Praying for the Guests at our Saturday Morning Breakfast and Clothing Cupboard

Praying for the Guests at our Saturday Morning Breakfast and Clothing Cupboard

Each Saturday morning — 52 weeks a year– Old First welcomes around 80 people for breakfast and some clean clothes. If you have never seen this aspect of our ministry, you are hereby invited. Simply talk with Tim K., our Outreach Coordinator.

There’s a lot of relationships and communication that happen in the Social Hall on Saturdays. Bob R. is often their as a sort of professional friend or even chaplain. Haeman helps him too. And the regular volunteers, they often get to know well the people who are regularly at breakfast. And some of our guests have become volunteers with us.

Each week, as we call the names of people for the clothing line, we ask if they have prayers we can pray for them. Most Sundays, a sample of 3 or 4 of their prayers are included in the prayers of the people in our worship service. But does anyone pray for all the concerns shared with us?

Read the note Michael recently sent our Prayer Group (people who have agreed to receive and pray the requests for needs that come into the church at times other than on Sundays; members of this group are also often the initiators of these requests). [If you want to join this group, let Michael know.]

“Dear Prayer Group,

Many of our regular Old First leaders at the Saturday Cupboard were unable to be there on Saturday. So I was helping out at the cupboard last Saturday, and, frankly, there turned out to be more than enough volunteers (thanks be to God).

(If you have never volunteered on a Saturday, consider doing so. It’s a privilege to get to see a different side of our ministry…)

Since I didn’t really have much to do, I spent some time standing next to Ian Mc. from our own congregation (and because I like talking to Ian) who was calling names for people to be served and taking prayer requests.

And we spoke about how he takes the prayer list home and sits at his desk and as he chooses which ones to bring to us and to share with us during worship service the next morning, he tries to pray them all.

I am grateful for that. And I imagine Michael J. and Beth W. and the others who bring prayers to us on Sunday from our friends on Saturday do something similar…

But I made an offer. I reminded him of this Prayer Group. And I offered to try sending the prayers out each week to all of you. I figure in typing them in a message, I will get to pray them too. And in reading the message, some of you will be praying them too. And in all that, we will increase dramatically our prayers for the people we mean to serve.

So, let me try this for a few weeks (or months?) until it becomes a rhythm. Let me know what it’s like for you. I might even ask the folks on Saturday morning if — somehow — it makes a difference for them! Let’s see…

Here were the prayer requests from 02.21:

For peace; for my finances and Patricia; for my wisdom and health; for housing; for health and strength; for people in harm’s way; for Old First, for welcoming me here; for housing and a cure for my addiction; for a job; for my mom; for safety and “all the stuff I struggle with”; to get a home; for my mother and for Emily; for financial stability; for life, health and strength; for job and money; for EVERYTHING; for Jen and Wayne (our “super volunteers” who are about to relocate to a service assignment in TN); for people of the church; for clothing; for survival; for my apartment coming through; to get back with my wife, Tamika; for health; for $1 million; for peace in the Middle East; for health; for a house; for a place to stay; for good health; for a job; to keep calm and for sanity and strength from God in times of distress; to lose weight; for my mom and for Roseanne; for peace of mind; for my daughter Britney and for good health; for family — sister, niece, nephew; for the world to get better; for my deceased family and friends; for health; for me and my family; for my son, Luke, that he gets into a good college; for health and employment; for my wife’s healthy pregnancy; for my mom Sheila and my daughter Kyra; for Damian and Veronica, my children; for family; employment and forward progress; for health and a disability check and housing; for my sister Sandra and her heart surgery; for health, a job, and to keep my addiction demons in check; for my family — my daughters, Kendra, Karen and Katrina; for housing; for life in general to be better.

Thanks for praying for others! And never hesitate to pray for your own needs too (none of us is so together that we don’t need help and prayers…)

See you in church,


Again, if you want to join the prayer group, speak with me (Michael). And if you want to come some Saturday, speak with Tim.

Thanks for all the way you support our ministries of outreach and the people who serve…