Rescheduled: Pre-meeting for Next Year's Confirmation Class, Sun., 05.11 after worship

Rescheduled: Pre-meeting for Next Year's Confirmation Class, Sun., 05.11 after worship

Last week, in staff meeting, we looked at the church’s schedule, and figured that May 18 was the only Sunday any time soon with any hope of gathering the parents and their confirmand children to begin to get ready for next year’s confirmation class. Of course, there was no way — until we floated the date — to know about the families’ schedules.

But now we do– and we are, instead, going to have our pre-meeting this Sunday, despite Mother’s Day, May 11, immediately after worship. Spread the word, and hope you and yours can join us (before taking “ma” out to brunch!)…


P.S. Below is the original article

“Before we disperse for a summer of Sundays when people sometimes miss church, we’re doing a little bit of looking ahead to next year.

We’re falling into a tradition of having a confirmation class every other year. And next year we would have potentially a good size group of 7th and 8th graders to confirm and make adult members of the church.

Because young people’s schedules are so busy, we thought before we get too far in planning the class, even the when’s and the where’s, we should sit down and talk with the parents.

So, you all are invited to join us with your 7th or 8th grader after worship on Sunday, May 18. We will begin with an intergenerational exercise from the confirmation curriculum. And then we will discuss the mechanics of a class, including scheduling, as well as begin to speak about sponsors, etc.

Hope that you all can make it. Confirmation is an important milestone as it’s when we welcome young people into adulthood in the church… when they make good on the promises their parents made for them at baptism.

(If you cannot make that Sunday, please let me know that you and your child are interested in the Confirmation class…)