Preliminary Results from the First Week of our Stewardship Campaign

Preliminary Results from the First Week of our Stewardship Campaign

The first week’s results from our Stewardship Campaign look really promising.

We cannot guarantee too much too early… because it all depends on which givers have already pledged and which ones have not yet. But transparency is as important as confidentiality in stewardship matters. And keeping the Stewardship Campaign before us is important as we try to bring in the outstanding pledges.

So far, we have received 50 pledges. (Remember, a pledge unit often reflects more than one person, as many families make one pledge, while in other families, people pledge individually.)

Unfortunately, we can only count 47 of them right now because 3 that were turned in did not include names, and as Financial Secretary, I cannot tell whose pledges they are. (If you think you might be one of the nameless, please speak with me, or simply refill out a pledge card this Sunday.)

But of the 47 signed pledges for 2013 Old First has received, they total $172,404.

Last year in the first week of the pledge campaign, we received 45 pledges for 2012 totaling $126,634. And last year we finished with 72 pledges for 2012 totaling $201,896. For historical perspective there were only 67 pledges for 2011.

To date, we continue to run at over 100% of the 2012 budget for members’ giving, which is to say we are fulfilling our pledges and then some.

If you haven’t turned in your pledge yet, there will be pledge cards in the bulletin again this week. You may fill it out and return your pledge via the offering plate. You may also make your pledge on-line, by filling out this “On-line Pledge Card.”

Thank you all for your generosity. Your giving of time, talent and treasure makes Old First’s ministry possible, and we’re touching more and more lives. Your commitment is also your faithful decision that adds to your life.

Respectfully submitted,

Gerry Woodruffe