Preparations for the Christmas Pageant

Preparations for the Christmas Pageant

It’s a favorite every year: the kids acting out the Christmas story for us in worship… as worship!

Sunday School has begun to prepare for this year’s pageant in worship on Sunday, Dec. 20. The first parts have been given out, but there’s room for more kids — as long as they can promise to regular attendance during rehearsals.

Last year, parent volunteers were also a great help. The Sunday School is asking for two parent volunteers this year.

If you have any questions. If you have kids you want to get involved. If you want to volunteer yourself… speak with either Maranda P. or Colin K. at church (or get their contact info. from REALM or the church office).

And put it on your calendar. Tell the grandparents. Invite friends. Remember: the animals were be here to visit in the Creche then too.