Program Assistant Report

Program Assistant Report

Program Assistant

Q1: What is your name?

John Peter Owens

Q2: What is your Ministry Area or Standing Leadership Group Name?

Program Support Assistant

Q3: What was the most significant accomplishment or insight gained in your ministry area in 2015?

Working on projects that engaged the Old First community, Old City District, the less fortunate, and the wider Church (specifically, Pope Weekend the church shelter program with Bethesda Project).

Q4: Where is your group or ministry area stuck? What is your group or ministry area pondering?

I believe the Outreach Team is at standstill in terms of space. The CE building is too clustered together; many of the rooms are not up-to-date compared to other retreat programs around the US. In order to move forward, we must think of the future and how this retreat program will benefit Old First, the Philly community, and again the wider Church.

Q5: Please list the goals of your group or ministry for 2016 with complete descriptions.

– A secure plan for the Urban Service Program – A better facility for our church shelter program – An updated kitchen facility, new floor, and NO drop-down ceiling – Updated doors with electric keypads – Better shelving in the clothing cupboard (and) – Maybe three to four patio tables with chairs

Q6: What other comments do you have for the Annual Report

I hope that with the capital campaign in session now, a moderate Old First will blossom without losing its rich history of perseverance and mercy. If this church is make it another 50 or 100 years, it must lean into a new culture of leaders, and not rely on parishioners who push their own agenda. Old First needs a population of 13-25, this group is non-existent due to a lack of consistent families coming to church, former High School kids not coming back, and Old First not active in college ministries. These populations are important as to have a diverse church, but Old First sees diversity in the terms of large politico topics…queer folks, the handicap, and age.