Progress Around the Church!

Progress Around the Church!

May 26 (update):

There is really progress being made:

The carpenters have almost finished the wainscot. It looks very smart how they have handled the chair rail and the window sills. All they have to do is door trim and the railings for the chancel and at the front of the church (it’s both for code and safety).  And then rehang the doors between the Sanctuary and the Upper Narthex.

The floor is essentially complete. The floorers will come back once the railings are in place to add finish molding up at the chancel.

The electricians have finished the new electric panel and put in the light switches. There are still waiting for the dimmers and the exit signs to arrive. All the power is on the new wall and floor outlets, up at the chancel, and at the tech desk. There are working lights in the new music closets. They have brought on a third worker to run the wiring for the emergency lights in the attic (so if there is a power outage, enough lights will stay on to allow for safe exit from the building). They have yet to install the three new multihead spotlights over the chancel.

Janice and Reuben were working on Wednesday and Thursday to get the tech desk and the new panels that match the front of the balcony (on which the monitors will be hung) far enough along for the electricians to put in the electrical boxes

Once the carpentry and electrical work is finished, the painters will return to finish painting.

Also we are working on scheduling the tech company to install the monitors and all the equipment we need to broadcast service from the Sanctuary. That equipment cannot be installed “until all the sawdust has stopped flying.”

We are also beginning to speak with the organ servicing company about their unwrapping, cleaning, tuning the organ. That again happens once the air has cleared.

And we will need to get the piano tuned up.

And somewhere in all this we need to get a deep clean done after all this construction. It is our hope to schedule that after there will be anything happening in there that will cause more construction mess…

Colin is at work building the two walls needed to create the temporary office on the east end of the Social Hall. That is taking more time than we expected, so that moving the office might be pushed back a week or so.

Nancy, Bob and Rae have the archives ready to move. We have scheduled Friday, June 2 for the day when the shelving will be taken apart at church and reassembled at the storage unit. The archival materials will all be transported that day too.

There is a lot of progress, but as one of you said to me recently, “the punch list at the end of a project always takes longer than you want or expect.” We will keep you updated as we know more…
























May 12:

A lot has been happening around Old First this past week. We started our Free Market sale, to give away furniture, books, dishes, appliances, and all sorts of other items that have been stored in the Fox and Christian Ed buildings. It has been so busy around here this week, as people have been coming and going to pick up stuff. Here are 2 photos of what the Social Hall looked like on Saturday, packed with items to give away–








And then, here are 2 photos from today, Thursdays, with what is left. Almost all of the items have been taken!! And tomorrow, the remaining furniture we will donate to Habitat ReStore, we hope. 








Finally, there has much progress made this week on installing the wood floors in the Sanctuary. Michael was able to snap a few photos of that progress, as well. It’s wonderful to see so many changes happening around the church!