Proposal for a Live-in Sexton

Proposal for a Live-in Sexton


The primary duty of a sexton is to act as a caretaker for a religious building. Some of the maintenance duties of a sexton are to perform and oversee a variety of janitorial, custodial, and/or security tasks to maintain clean and safe buildings and grounds of Old First Reformed United Church of Christ.

In exchange for an on-site apartment, the Sexton at Old First shall:

Oversee cleaning staff is completing tasks as assigned—5 days a week.
Two days a week general cleaning is completed when cleaning staff is off.
Maintain lighting (change light bulbs) in the all of the buildings.
Inventory control of cleaning supplies.
Inventory of supplies, tools and maintain cleanliness of crypt.
Ensure the heating/cooling of buildings for Sunday morning, special events, and other designated times.
Monthly cleaning of floors in the social hall and hallway. Stripped and waxed (this takes approx. 8 hours).
Monthly cleaning maintenance of refrigerator, freezer, icemaker, dishwasher, and garbage disposal.
Create and maintain a recycling program for the church and its programs.
Change filters for air conditioning and heaters in all buildings.
Ensure the current functioning of all fire extinguishers and alarms.
Ensure proper lighting for all emergency EXIT lights.
Repaint areas in need of touch ups, on as needed basis
Oversee service camps projects (in conjuction with church administrator and Wellspring Outreach Coordinator).
During shelter season, work with partners to assign our guest cleaning tasks and assists the volunteer coordinator on as needed basis.
Assist members of the congregation with special projects as needed and advised of the need for the help (two weeks advance notice will be given).
Set up/ take down for special events in the social hall.
Report needed repairs of the facility to church administrator. Most repairs will be completed by outside contractors.

Ensure the security of the entire property 24/7, handling any security risks. Security checklist will be completed twice daily.
Inspect all locks and doors to ensure that all are in working order. Will maintain key procedure with the assistance of the church administrator.
Ensure proper lighting is maintained over all external doors.
Open/lock doors for special events.

Pick up debris in yard and sidewalks surrounding the grounds on a daily basis.
Empty trash bins in courtyard and between buildings on an as needed basis.
Empty cigarette receptacles on a monthly basis.
Trash to curbside on Thursday evenings after 8 p.m.
Recyclables to curb on Thursday evenings after 8 p.m.
Snow removal/lawn maintenance on as needed basis.
Maintain sheds in an orderly fashion.
Maintain order in the rear and side patio of church.

Old First will offer:

Supervision through the Office Administrator and the Administration Standing Leadership Group.
Vacation (two weeks annually—must be requested two weeks in advance and approved by Office Administrator and Administration Standing Leadership Group).
On-site apartment.
A stipend not to exceed $600.00 per month.
Continuation of service will be based on a yearly satisfactory evaluation after an initial 90 days probationary period.

Benefits of this proposal:
On-site security of the property
Routine maintenance of the property and systems would bring down repair costs
Additional supervisory support for the on-site ministries (Shelter; Cupboard; Work Camps)

Added cost to the congregation (not including cost of space or utilities):
1- 2012 Budget (if position in place by 11/1/12) $1, 965.00
2- 2013 Budget $15,832.00

Submitted by the Property Ministry Team