Re-Cap of 2017 in Outreach (1.19.2018)

Dear Old First and Friends of Old First,

I first want to thank you for a great year in Outreach!

Together we prepared and served over 4,100 meals during our Saturday Morning Breakfast and Pantry Program and 2,160 Shelter dinner meals.

You donated a weekly average of clothing and toiletries weighing 24-36 gallons, 360 toiletry kits and 150 pairs of gloves, scarves, hats, long-johns, socks and underwear for the shelter guys alone!

You provided us thousands in monetary giving and we were fortunate to host 14 service camp groups.

Outreach in 2017 was a great year!  Without you we couldn’t have provided services to dozens of men each day November – April and each Saturday morning.

Those who donated, those who volunteered, those who spread the word and those who prayed for Outreach, THANK YOU!

Our hope is that this ministry continues to grow. Our goal in 2018 is to surpass 2017 tenfold knowing that where people matter, faith makes sense, and you and the world begin to change.

Many blessings to you – and thank you for blessing Outreach.


Alesha, Outreach Coordinator