Realm–Our New Church Directory

Realm–Our New Church Directory

By the time you read this–or within a day or two after–you should receive an email message in your in-box inviting you to establish a username and password on Realm, Old First’s new online church directory. The registration process is simple, just enter a little basic information and you’ll be ready to go. A few Old Firsters already tested it out and reported that the process is quite simple. So I encourage you to take a moment to go through the process. And, lest you think the bureaucracy of the registration is silly, remember that it’s there so that everyone’s private contact information is only visible to other church members and close friends.

Registering with Realm will give you access to our church directory anywhere you have an Internet connection (it works well on smartphones, too). And we have photos for most of our regulars, which should help us all get to know one another better.

Eventually, Realm will replace BigTent, which we’ve used for the last few years as our email communication system. We’re phasing in Realm over the next month or so. The e-pistle will go out via Realm starting after Easter. And eventually our ministry teams and fellowship groups will communicate through Realm, too.

Not only will Realm help us stay in contact with one another better, it has some great features that will help the church office run more smoothly too. It will help us track our visitors and newcomers more easily, for starters. And it will eventually help us stay on top of financial contributions from members and others.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me or call Mindy in the church office. And if you need a little help getting oriented, there will be some folks with laptops during Fellowship Hour on April 13 and 27.