Introducing Our Wellspring Volunteers to One Another Over Brunch

Introducing Our Wellspring Volunteers to One Another Over Brunch

The Wellspring Outreach Ministries hosted a brunch for the volunteers that attend the Cupboard and Shelter. Over thirty-five volunteers were in attendance. There were representatives from Abington Friends School, My Poor Feat, Old First, UCC at Valley Forge, St. Luke’s UCC (Ottsville), Glenside UCC, Christ Church and SREHUP.

Volunteers listened to Billi explain the programs at Old First, and SREHUP spoke about their programs. The food was delicious, and the new acquaintances and conversations were priceless. Many volunteers got to talk to other organizations about their experiences and the different ways that they serve. Guests from the Cupboard and Shelter spoke about their experiences with the Old First volunteers and they were very well received.

“I really, really enjoyed hearing everybody talk and interact, largely because you actively encouraged people to share their story — you could actually see how big this endeavor really is.  And, the group at my table (who’ve been doing the cupboard and breakfast for years) actually sought out people from two other groups to find out the logistical details of how to start providing shelter dinners now too.  It’s so synergistic, Billi, and a great idea to bring everyone together this way.  As for me, I started wishing that I had taken advantage of living nearby, and participated more in the inside activities like service at the cupboard and shelter.” – email from volunteer

“It is always good to hear people share of thier struggles and experiences while serving others, there were some really good stories..  It was also good to see how young some of the volunteers are, it gives me hope and inspiration for the future…” – email from volunteer

“I had no idea that guy was the pastor. All this time I thought he was a shelter guest!” – overheard at Volunteer Brunch
Volunteers getting to know one another.