Reminder – Bring Your Empty Pill Bottles to Church!

During our Saturday Morning Cupboard we hand out toiletries of all types. And often they can be found in an empty pill bottle!

Toiletries such as liquid soaps, shampoos, and lotions are often bought and donated to the Cupboard in sizes too large to hand out to our guests (since we stick to handing out travel sizes). When this happens they get moved from their original containers into empty pill bottles.

Please think of saving up your pill bottles of all shapes and sizes and donating them to the Cupboard instead of just tossing them out. It’s a simple way to help with something you might already have lying around. Just please remove the label from the bottle as well as possible before donating!

Don’t forget, we can also use already packaged travel sized toiletries as well. If you have those around from a past vacation, the Cupboard can happily use those as well.

Please drop off any donations in the office during the week or bring them to church with you Sunday morning! There is a box in the Lower Narthex for any donations.