(Re)Organizing Meeting for Worship SLG, Sun, 08.12 after worship

(Re)Organizing Meeting for Worship SLG, Sun, 08.12 after worship

Old First has not had a functioning Worship Standing Leadership Group for some time.

But you respond, “We HAVE kept worshiping.” Yes, that is true. Michael and Holly, with the help of others, can keep things going.

But in our way of organizing church, the pastor and music director should not bear the primary responsibility alone. Instead, church works better when more people are involved: sharing their experiences, contributing what they think and what they hear from others, and putting their heads together to come up with solutions and new things Old First should try.

The Discernment Ministry Team, recognizing that Richard K. is a very committed liturgist in worship, has asked him if he might be interested in serving as the Worship SLG chair. With some hesitation (primarily because he has not yet seen what kinds of work and duties the SLG can undertake), Richard has agreed.

The Worship SLG can help with endless details involved in weekly services and special services, such as ushers or set up.  It can also help us reflect on our worship traditions that we might evolve them to become more effective for more people. This summer we have a slightly amended worship order, and it would be nice to evaluate what in the changes is helpful and what is not. The Worship SLG can also make specific suggestions about Music or other worship elements. It could even help us plan specific worship experiences.

Michael has heard from some people who are interested in joining the Worship SLG, and he will reach out to them. But don’t wait for a personal invitation: it’s an open meeting and all are invited. If you are interested in being involved, please join us in up in the front of the Sanctuary after worship on Sunday, Aug. 12. We will decide our future meeting schedule and what we might do as the worship SLG.  

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to speak with Richard K., Holly or Michael.