Resolution for the 10.22.23 Congregational Meeting

Resolution for the 10.22.23 Congregational Meeting

Editor’s Note:  This resolution text is updated from its original post last week. This information will also be printed and available on Sunday for the Congregational Meeting, along with a short summary of the proposed work. If you would like to see more details about the proposed work and scope, please refer to the next blog article, titled “Congregational Meeting… Approving the Expenditure of Roof Replacement.”


The purpose of the meeting is to approve a capital expenditure for the replacement of the roof, and related work that needs to be done.

The Congregation is asked to vote on the following:

  1. Authorize the spending of up to $120,000 for expenses related to the replacement of the Sanctuary building roof and various related improvements in support of the roof replacement, including, but not limited to, insulation, cleaning, window work, and ventilation. 
  2. Authorize the transfer of monies from the Endowment to the operating account to cover said expenses.

Questions and Answers related to the Resolution:

Who will do this work? Contractors will be selected from among multiple competing vendors by the Elders and/or a committee designated by the Elders for such purpose. The work will proceed in stages with urgency given to reestablishing the watertight envelope of the building. This is a complicated project. The leaders working on it have settled on a roofing contractor. We are still working on the details of the insulation and the window. In the interest of timing and stopping the leak before winter ice causes more trouble, and because the work itself needs to be done in stages, the congregation is being asked to approve our spending and getting started. 

Why this is a transfer from the Endowment and not a ‘loan’ that we as a congregation pay ourselves back over the next few years (as we have most often done in the past)?

Since it is an absolutely necessary and immediate repair, one can see it is a capital transfer from the endowment to another capital asset, our Sanctuary building. It will prevent further costly repairs from ongoing water damage.

A transfer from the Endowment will lower the balance of the Endowment and so will lower the endowment’s contribution to the operating budget in future years. This impact will be ~$5000 per year. That small decrease in future income is how we will pay for the roof.

What if we do not need $120,000 for the work?

Amen! That would be a good thing. Any excess funds would be returned to the Endowment.

What if we need more than $120,000 to finish the work?

Additional funds would have to be approved by the Congregation. The $120,000 is ~10% over our current best estimate of the total cost of the work to be done.