Results of our Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

Results of our Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

Drumroll, please….

In late September a capital campaign consultant, the Rev. Susan Mitchell, from the national office of the UCC spent a week with Old First learning about us and helping us evaluate whether we are ready to launch a capital campaign, and if so for approximately how much money.

We now have the final report, and it is good news. Rev. Mitchell wrote the following highlights:

• Morale is high and there is solid support for the pastor.

• The majority (30) of those interviewed affirms the church’s good stewardship of its financial resources. It was also noted that financial policies and procedures are continuing to improve.

• A significant number of respondents believe the congregation could raise $400 -600k and an almost equally significant number of them expressed concern about the capacity for the effort, but wanted to move forward.

• A significant number of respondents strongly supported the projects. The respondents also expressed the need for additional information before moving forward.

• The consultant noted considerable conversation and unrest about the Community Engagement Center and its impact on the ministry of the church.

Those were the main highlights of the report, but the entire report is worth a read. A copy will be available for reading in the church office. Nothing in the report is confidential, but it was recommended to us that it not be made widely available in electronic form, hence the need to read it at the office.

Obviously, there is lots more in front of us. Expect to hear more about this at Annual Meeting.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the report or the capital campaign more generally please feel free to speak with me or Michael.

Your servant in Christ,