Rev. P. McDougal, first of our series of guests

Rev. P. McDougal, first of our series of guests

(Michael is away for a few weeks — trying to squeeze in his vacation now, because with a busy fall full of the capital campaign, it’s now or never.) During that time, he’s lined up guest E-pistle-ists and preachers. Enjoy the change in voices, and thank each one for helping out! Michael sure does!)

This coming Sunday, Aug. 10, I will be preaching on what makes a shepherd good. I will demonstrate some of the tools of his trade.

After all Jesus is mentioned so many times as “the good shepherd” but how do us city folk relate to that? How long has it been since any of us have seen sheep, except perhaps those unusual ones in the Children’s Zoo?

I have often thought the best Sunday sermon would simply be to bring a small flock of sheep, say six, into the sanctuary and, without any words, turn them loose. For ten minutes we could all watch their behavior, the looking lost, the panic, the running separate ways and bawling, the crowding together, their curiosity, and contemplate why Jesus said we are the sheep and he is the shepherd.

Are there similarities between sheep and us?
Do we perhaps really need a shepherd and how?

Come to church next week to help me lead worship and let’s work on this puzzle together.

Priscilla McDougal