Revised Church Directory

Old First’s online church directory has gone through a recent revision. It’s now much easier for you to find contact information for other members of the church. Follow these simple instructions:

1. Log into Realm (our online directory). [All current Old First members are eligible to have a login. Don’t have one or don’t remember yours? Email me:]

2. From the menu on the left, click on DIRECTORY. This will display an alphabetical list of all other current members of Old First.


3. Click in the SEARCH box in the top right corner. Type in the first or last name of any member of Old First and select their entry from the list that will appear

An Important Note About Privacy:

At Old First we care about your privacy. With this change, contact information (name, address, email address, phone numbers) for all members of Old First are visible to all other members. Note that only individuals who have a login and password can view this information; it is not freely available to just anyone. We respect that individuals may have specific reasons for preferring that their contact information be hidden from other members. Please contact me <> if you would like to hide any or all of your contact information.