Go Green: Ride Your Bike to Church

Go Green: Ride Your Bike to Church

The bike rack has been delivered. And has taken up its place just to the Southeast of the front parking lot (in front of the CE building).

(If you see people locking their bikes elsewhere on the fence or gates, please share the good news nicely: “we have a rack where you can put you bike.”

We gives thanks  to several people who offered ‘angel gifts’ to make this happen. Consider bicycling to worship, a meeting or to volunteer!

Each mile traveled by bike (or walking), instead of driving, is one pound of CO2 that doesn’t enter the air we breathe or add to greenhouse gases and climate change. It also saves fuel and money.

Cycling also improves your health. It is an easy way to exercise — increasing strength and muscle tone, building stamina, improveing cardio-vascular health, eating up as many as 300 calories an hour, reducing stress, and improving coordination.

Check out this article on “…becoming a bike friendly church.”