Rockers, Babies and Angels

Rockers, Babies and Angels

One of the plans talked about when we first started talking about removing the back pews was space on the outside back corners for rocking chairs for parents with infants. Both a visible sign of welcome and a real help for parents and their infants during worship.

Michael remembered “the rocker plan” when he saw Jill, in church with Sonja last Sunday, standing at the back of the sanctuary “jiggling” the baby and participating in worship. He remembered an earlier Sunday when Greg left the sanctuary to quiet Sonja.

“Oh, yeah, we haven’t gotten the rockers yet!” He said something to Jill after worship, and she agreed — a rocking chair could help.

What we didn’t foresee is the crop of babies. All of a sudden, we could have Jill and Greg’s Sonja, Ivelisse and Melisha’s Jameson, Kristin and Hans’ Matilda, and Tony and John’s Grace in worship. Thanks be to God!

And not to initiate gossip, but rumor has it, there are a few more families working on adding to their families…

So we’d like to ask if people would be willing to make angel gifts towards the “Rocking Chair Fund” to welcome Sonja, Jameson, Matilda, Grace… and more babies yet to come… to worship with us.

We’re just asking for contributions of between $10 and $30 per angel, and we think we can easily raise the money to get at least 4 rockers at the back of the Sanctuary.

Simply send a check to the church office or via the offering, indicating the amount that is given as an angel towards “Rockers.”

It’s the least we can do to say welcome to the youngest among us, and to thank their families for sharing their blessings with us. Of course, we can also ask to hold and jiggle the babies sometimes too!