"Sacred Sunday Circle" — beginning Jan. 6, following worship

"Sacred Sunday Circle" — beginning Jan. 6, following worship

Do you wish you could reflect on Michael’s weekly message more deeply?

Do you need a place to talk about faith and action?

Would you like the chance to transform your church acquaintances into friends?

Could you use support from time to time during difficult periods?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then the Sacred Sunday Circle might be for you. It begins on Sunday, January 6th following worship.

Fifteen minutes or so after the end of the service, we will gather in the front, right-hand corner of the sanctuary to talk for about forty-five minutes. This will give you time to grab a snack and catch up with people before the discussion begins.

Participants will decide on the content and depth of the talk. I will facilitate the discussion in a way that creates a “safe space” for all to express themselves be it in the form of a question or a declaration. I will facilitate in such a way as to include introverts and extroverts along with the traditionalists and the explorers. Everyone is welcome!

I am grateful that Michael and the Worship Committee have endorsed this idea.

A wise church person once lectured, “people come to us seeking friendship and connection…” I am confident that the Sacred Sunday Circle will provide both of these necessary spiritual components. I base my confidence on experience.

In 1996, I initiated such a program in another congregation. It has drawn an average of sixteen to eighteen people each Sunday for the past sixteen years. More than the numbers, participants have testified that it has not only completed their Sunday morning experience, but that it became a favorite part of their week!

So, I humbly invite the members and friends of Old First to join our Sacred Sunday Circle to experience the grace of God’s presence between and among us.

Rich Forcier